The fall season is not the ideal time to neglect your garden and lawn since it is the best time to get ready for winter. This is vitals so you could have a colorful and robust yard when the springtime comes. With the appropriate steps to take, you could ready your lawn for the following freezing season and make a landscape that can incorporate beauty to your home during the spring season. Here are some tips to do so: 


Let your lawn breathe 

If you aerate your lawn while it’s still green, your lawn will cope with the cold weather better and will bounce back with more spring vitality, Provide your lawn a breathing room while it changes into the winter season. Aeration in fall can break up the compacted and dry soil, which enables nutrients and water to permeate to the roots. You can help your lawn green-up quickly during spring by watering it by hand in the dry winter days.  

Seed more during fall 

Overseeding and fall, aeration is the best formula for success. This aids to cover bare spots to offer a thicker and greener lawn. Also, it helps to make your lawn less prone to disease by incorporating different types of hardy grass. 

Absorb the goodness 

Taking care of your lawn properly also indicates taking care of the soil underneath it. You can help remove the brown spots on your lawn and make it greener by using soil conditioner.  

Winter and fall watering 

Watering during the driest months is crucial to your shrub and tree’s health. Your trees must be watered for about 3-4 weeks given that the temp is beyond freezing. 

Keep it green 

You should be investing more of your money and time in trimming, mowing, and keeping up your lawn by fertilizing during the fall. Weed controls in fall can kill perennial weeds like thistles and dandelions more effectively compared to using them during summer.   

Plant now  

During fall, you can still plant anything you want and you will eventually result in the springtime. The warm soil and cool air of fall season could be the greatest time to plant shrubs and trees. By mid-October, the bulbs must be in the ground as shrubs and trees must be planted before October ends. If you plant now, new shrubs and trees could become used to their immediate home before they withstand those harsh summer days.  

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