An Introduction to Online Data Entry

Online data entry is the process of keying-in data from sources of any nature, namely internet, books, documents, dictionaries, etc. into a format suitable for online access and easy storage. Outsource Data Services is one of the top companies in the field of Online Data Entry Services.

Outsource Data Services provide a rich array of services which includes the following and more:

  • Captcha Data Entry
  • Mailing List Compilation
  • Ebook, Catalogue Data Entry
  • Website research and Data Compilation
  • Decryption of encrypted data using advanced tools and then creating a database from this data

Data entry is a field in which the work-at-home paradigm keeps changing. Online data entry work has become much more prevalent as companies hire independent contractors based all over the world. Often these data entry operators remotely access a company’s infrastructure and work in much the same way their office-based counterparts did.

Most home-based data entry jobs are for independent contractors rather than employees (which means there is no guarantee of minimum wage), Data entry compensate workers using a variety of rate structures, such as:

  • Hourly wage (rare)
  • Per-piece (common in crowd-sourcing operations)
  • Keystrokes per hour or keystrokes per minute
  • Per-word

If you want to work for a reputable data entry company in India like Outsource Data Services, then make sure the websites you do work for are reputable. There are many scams online that try to take advantage of people that are looking for work that they can do from home. Make sure that you confirm that the company you do work for is legitimate, as you will probably need to provide them with personal information in order to receive payments. You can trust on us because ethics is the core on which ODS stands.

Customer satisfaction is our success mantra. Our data entry experts use the latest tools and software to offer unparalleled data entry outsourcing services that include, but not limited to:

  • Word formatting outsourcing
  • Image data entry outsourcing
  • eBook data entry
  • Microsoft excel outsourcing
  • Forms processing

Outsource Data Services (ODS) incorporates best-in-class technology to automate the data entry process, by implementing OCR and ICR technologies as part of its data entry solutions. We currently handle over 280 million documents a year. We are an ideal partner and the best data entry company in the market. Our organization is built upon our exceptional personnel – this is what sets us apart. Working with ODS provides you the opportunity to work in a dynamic business environment, for clients located around the world. Our employees are given challenging responsibilities and the chance to grow with the company. ODS is an equal opportunity employer, where personnel are nurtured, grown and empowered. We offer unparalleled benefits and perks, along with an industry standard salary package.